About Storeye - the Shopify Integration for Gmail

Last updated: February 16, 2015

About Us The Storeye application and browser add-on for Shopify (Storeye Service) and the Storakle.com website is owned and operated by Seven Spikes LTD, a Bulgarian based startup working with different ecommerce systems since 2010. We have over 5 years of experience developing different integrations for various ecommerce systems. And we rely on this experience to develop the best Shopify integration for Gmail.

The Storeye Service Storeye integrates your Shopify store with Gmail. With Storeye you can view and edit your Shopify store information directly in Gmail. The Storeye service is free to use as long as you have a working Shopify store and a gmail account.

With Storeye you can:

1. View customer information for the email you are currently working with in Gmail. You can hover over an email address anywhere in Gmail or open an email conversation to view the customer information for this email.

2. Edit customer information. You can edit the customer information directly in Gmail and your changes will be persisted to your Shopify store immediately.

3. View order information for the current customer. This information includes complete, open, canceled, abandoned orders.

4. Edit information for each order. You can edit the order information directly in Gmail and your changes will be persisted to your Shopify store immediately.

5. View abandoned checkouts for the current customer. You will know immediately if the customer your are communicating with has abandoned any checkouts in your Shopify store. This is extremely handy if you need to remind the customer about it or if your email conversation relates to problems the customer is having with the checkout.

6. View a customer information summary. When you are communicating with a customer, you have all the important customer information from your Shopify store, summarized for you in an easy to visualize and digest manner.

With precise and instant information, Gmail users and store managers can get the complete picture from their Shopify store, thus perform an informed and effective sales and customer service operation.

Storeye is your Shopify integration for Gmail. Enjoy it! Start for Free Now